Dialogue 1 - IELTS Speaking Exam Sample

Dialogue 1 - Transcript

Interviewer: We are going to talk about your family - Can you describe your family?

Stacey: I don't have a very big family, both my parents are only children. I have two siblings - an older sister and a younger brother. We are quite close as a family. I moved out when I went to university but I still live quite close to them and so I pop in during the week to see them.

Interviewer: Who do you get along with best in your family?

Stacey: Probably my older sister now. She settled down and got married a few years ago so I don't see here as often as I would like to. I used to get along really well with my grandmother, but she passed away when I was twenty. She was always there for me when I was growing up, I always knew I could count on her if I needed anything.

Interviewer: Which one of your parents are you most like?

Stacey: I definitely take after my father, we're both very impatient and hot tempered!

That is why we argue a lot (haha)

Interviewer: Ha...and who is the peacemaker during family arguments?

Stacey :Definitely my mother! When we were teenagers, my older sister was always sneaking out late at night. We shared a room and my father would barge in to check if my sister was there. If she wasn’t he would get angry at me for not telling him and my mother was always the one to calm him down. Even now, whenever we fall out, she's the mediator - for example, every Christmas it seems someone brings something up to start an argument over lunch, and my mother always finds a way to stop the argument.

Phrasal verbs from Dialogue

  • to pop in (to sw)
  • to get along (with sb)
  • to settle down
  • to pass away
  • to count on sb
  • to take after sb
  • to sneak out
  • to barge in (to sw)
  • to calm down sb
  • to fall out (with sb)
  • to bring up sth

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